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Programming & specifically Python programming is booming these days at a rapid speed. With the introduction of concepts like Coding for kids and Programming for performance, it becomes evident to learn python programming as a skill.

Python is the most popular and fastest growing programming language in the world. The popularity is so much so that from an amateur kid to a working professional, everyone is preferring python over any other programming language.

You can code for big IT companies to earn a living or you can program your own application for people’s good. Coding doesn’t let you be in a cubicle for hours, rather than it makes you think creatively and synchronize your mind with machines to create a product of its own.

We at Pythonext believe in delivering excellence and profoundness along with our meticulously crafted training curriculum that lets our trainees to code with ease. We are focused towards providing the best in-class training to coding enthusiasts.

The EXT in Pythonext stands for EXTRA and following are the extra benefits you would get if you join us:

Regular doubt clearing session
Workshops and Group discussions
Internship and job opportunities
Career counselling sessions
Digital Marketing introductory 
Expert and experienced trainers

It is important to work on real-time projects while gaining knowledge in practical sessions and Pythonext does the same by providing freelance projects during your training period. Now you can command on 2 different bases; command your project by leading a team and also command(code) the project by yourself.

So join Pythonext for a magnificent coding journey.