Robotics with Python

Build interactive robots by using Python.


Programming is a key skill to develop a working robot and what’s a better language than Python programming to control movements and make commands as per your needs.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Python programming in robotics is due to the fact that it was founded on ROS (Robotics operating system). It is easy to read, easy to access and availability of various frameworks and libraries makes it even better while programming a robot. For the fact that it is an interpreted language, it takes just seconds to see what you just coded.

Major robotics friendly electronics like RaspberryPi & GoPiGo backed by python, it shows the reliability and scope of python programming in new found technology. With the large scale boom of artificial intelligence in robotics to build automated & interactive robots, Python plays an important role in coding all of this together.

Python provides various libraries to build a new-age tech robotic mechanism

Robot Framework
Simulation Open Framework Architecture