Is online learning worthy enough?

E-learning: The new normal


In today’s world, every 3rd child is taking up online classes. It is beneficial for the students who earlier used to change cities to study for their desired subject, now they can easily sit back home and focus on their goals. But some have also blamed e-learning for restricting social interactions and making them a retarded person who sits in front of a screen for 4 long hours.
It is not necessary for everyone to attend the classes but it is also necessary to gain knowledge amid the pandemic situation.

So if you are wondering to take online classes, here are some pros & cons to attend one:


  1. Increased flexibility
    E-learning provides flexibility in terms of timing and the speed of the curriculum. With increased convenience and comfort, a sense of proficiency is generated in your mind.
  2. Cost saving
    With various teachers online, coaching you for free, it adds up only a minimal cost for training. Even if you opt for a paid service, it is much lesser than a campus classroom program.
  3. Gain practical tech skills 
    Completing an online course proves you’re comfortable with technology, which could positively impact your resume as more companies embrace remote work.
  4. No geographical barriers
     You don’t need to take a bus or drive to your campus to attend a live classroom session. A stable internet connection and a computer machine could do the job for you.


  1. Lack of motivation
    An online teacher could not replace the transfer of energy a classroom trainer can provide to a student. You might lack motivation and not revise what you just learnt.
  2. Limited interaction
    You only have a short time period with teachers to learn new concepts and interact with your peers. To resolve your queries and doubts you might need to schedule a new meeting or wait for the week to end.

Only you can decide if online classes are for you, based on your unique personal and professional goals and preferred learning style. For many working professionals interested in advancing their careers, online courses offer the flexibility and convenience they need to balance developing new skills with their current life stage and job responsibilities.