A perfect counselling advantage

Guiding in your career...Always!


Counselling is the process of listening to someone’s problems and giving the best advice to them regarding that certain problem. Counselling is an important segment in the initial career growth of an aspirant.

A good counselling session is always necessary when you're thinking of shaping your career in any sector. Be it marketing , be it computing or be it programming, counselling is always a prime segment in the curriculum. Counselling can be done telephonically or over a video-audio medium or even a personal meeting can be set up.

At Pythonext, we have a career counselling wing which advises you the best and fruitful career opportunities according to your working limits. The career counselors have 10+ years of experience in programming software and are well-versed with the ongoing trends in the industry.

You can have a session with our counselors by filling up a prerequisite form both during and after completion of the course. Career counselling will also help you in building a perfect resume for a job application. We also do 1on1 interview preparation sessions with our trainees to curb their anxiety and hesitation during an interview. 

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