A career gift for your child

Let’s code a smile on their face


Coding is relaxing, it's fun and over to this it is amazingly satisfying. Coding is a practice of writing codes and experimenting with these codes on the world wide web. You can think of a skill where you need to create your ideas and the programme would run that idea.

An easy to learn skill which opens gateways to a variety of career opportunities which a child can opt for after his/her basic schooling is done.

Python programming is the world’s fastest growing programming language and with its rapid growth and acceptance, major platforms and companies have shifted their core programming to python programming. Platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Quora, Instagram are all based on python programming.The reliability and speed of python programming lets them ease the traffic requirements and provide a stable and secure working platform. 

Python programming has some features that makes it easier for kids to learn. These features are:

  1. Easy to understand
    No brackets, no asterisks makes it easy to understand.
  2. Less time-consuming
    It’s faster than any other programming language in the world.
  3. Use of English 
    Use of a universal language makes it easier to program.
  4. Wide amount of Libraries
    You can import a feature for your programme from libraries available in Python.
Make your child take the first move advantage and learn python programming to excel in life towards a brighter future.