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Choosing the right skill is an important decision a student makes in his/her life. It decides their future goals, their aspirations and their career path in the long run. It is equally important to know the pros and cons of each skill that you are going to gain in near future.

Programming as a skill is the best investment you can make these days considering the increasing amount of mobile internet usage in India and more businesses trying to have an online presence. Python programming is the fastest growing programming language in the world and making its presence felt with kids and scholars entering the coding world.

Python programming is widely popular and widely exercised in the coding sector and from an amatuer to professional coder, everyone is recommending python programming to code rapidly and accurately. Some of the distinctive qualities of Python programming which makes it better than the other programming languages are listed below:- 

Qualities of Python programming which makes it better than the other programming languages

  • Time consumption 
     Python programming is the least time consuming programming language. Get rid of thousands of semicolons and innumerable pages of code, and preview your code within minutes to check your accuracy
  • Availability of libraries and frameworks 
    Python provides you with tons of libraries and frameworks to simplify your initial stages of development and you can either utilize this saved effort in thinking creatively.
  • Accessibility 
    Python is an open source platform so you don’t need any paid packages to access it.
  • Security
    When you choose Python, you choose Security. So, your application will always have a secure and robust backend when you have developed it with Python. Python applications are less vulnerable from cyber-attacks and are much tolerant to such attacks.