Now, coding with more fun!

Pythonext Workshop

100% Practical & Live Project


Delhi's 1st Python Workshop

Extra Practical learning & Working on Live Projects

Daily Practicals

Get hands on experience while working on a project with professionals. 

Build your own Projects

Create multiple own projects and program while training that performs a certain set of actions when run.

Assignments & Tests

Prepare given assignments to have a check on your programming skills.

Career Counseling

Our expert and supportive counselling panel is always present to guide you in any situation.

Core Python

Start your coding journey by laying the foundation stones of python programming with 'Pythonext' - KIDS PROGRAM for Kids and School Students. Learn Tuples, Dictionaries, Data types, Looping and various other modules and functions.

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Eligibility: 10+ years of age
Training mode: Online & Classroom Training
Practicals: 2
Total Duration: 20+ Hours
Timings: Weekdays (M,W,T) I Weekends (Sat & Sun)
Discount: 4%

6,000 ₹10,000

Advanced Python

Upgrade your programming skill by learning GUI programming and handle database using MySQL & MongoDB. Also learn various frameworks and threading to build programs.

Course: Download Brochure
Eligibility: 15+ years of age
Training mode: Online & Classroom Training
Practical: 5
Additional: Bonus Free Modules
Total Duration: 60+ Hours
Timings: Weekdays (M,W,T) I Weekends (Sat & Sun)
Discount: 4%

10,000 ₹15,000

Expert Python

Choose from Artificial Intelligence, Data science and Machine learning
to code your future career.


Make data manipulation and data analysis with the help of Pandas. Learn data structures and manipulation in numerical table and time series.


Learn the framework to ease the creation of complex, database driven websites. Rapidly work on different database and increase your work speed.

Artificial Intelligence 

Acquire the essential foundations of AI: the programming tools, the science and all the key techniques to automate your programme.

Machine Learning

Master theory, real world application of tools and engineer an interactive machine that could read your life's behavioral pattern.


Data Scientist with Python


Course Includes:
TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, Jupiter Notebook, Apache, Azure, Keras, Tableau, MatplotLib, Pandas, Seaborn


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