Future Career for your Kids

To help you out we’ve put this short guide together which offers an introduction to Python for kids, and then some advantages to learning this programming language.

Why kids should learn Python?

  1. Python is great for kids wanting to learn how to code. With an intuitive coding style, text-based commands using plain English, built-in help comments, and a wealth of online resources, Python is the perfect coding language to get kids started off with. It lets kids turn their ideas into a tangible on-screen result. They can create their own games, programs, animation, problem solving exercises, websites, and even integrate with robotics
  2. Python is easy to set-up at home. Many alternative programming languages can hard to set-up; this isn’t the case with Python. If you have a PC at home that runs Microsoft Windows, you can get it installed on your computer in a few very simple steps.
  3. Python coding can help with academic performance and learning. We believe that children who learn Python can actually improve and develop multiple facets of their educational syllabus including maths, writing, and creativity. Computer programming languages, particularly ones such as Python which uses plain English commands, can also let your child improve their written skills. It will help them develop a more concise and structured approach to storytelling with the English language..
  4. Python is growing in popularity and seems set to stay. Python seems to fit that criteria as it has a 27% year on year growth rate. This growth trend is outstripping similar programming languages! Python is currently running the technology behind some of the world’s biggest brands. It’s probably going to be at the forefront of growing technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and much more we don’t even know about yet!
  5. Python could lead to a career. It might still be too early to start thinking about what career your child will embark when they get older, but if Python is something that love and excel at, they probably won’t be short of job opportunities!

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